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Why Case?

Why Case?

At Michael Case Homes, we do things differently.  This is why so many Townsville families have trusted us to build their homes.  Before you decide on a builder, make sure you see for yourself by visiting us at our beautiful Capri display home in North Shore. 

We refuse to compromise on quality

Michael Case Homes is synonymous with exceptional quality and expert craftsmanship.  While price is important, compromising on quality will almost always cost you even more in the long run, with maintenance and problems.  We only use trusted brands, suppliers and expert Craftsmen who work exclusively for Michael Case Homes to ensure every home we build is low maintenance, retains a very high resale value and keeps that fresh, new home feel.

Not all homes are created equal.  Just because two homes are the same size doesn't mean they will sell or rent for the same amount.  A home is the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime!  Don't skimp on quality. 

Award winning designs

Somes homes just feel amazing.  This is a result of hundreds of hours of careful design work to make sure each home functions perfectly.  Our stunning and unique home designs have been evolving over many years, which is why they work so well for our families and the tropical North Queensland lifestyle.

Our in-house Architectural Draftsman can also personalise designs to suit your individual requirements, at no extra cost.  

Unsurpassed service

"This is the 4th time we have built but no one has made us feel as special as Michael Case Homes"  -Stuart & Sofeya Bourne

Outstanding customer service is at the very core of our company philosophy.  The relationship with your builder continues long after you sign your contract.  It is therefore essential that you feel comfortable knowing that you have made the best decision by building a Michael Case Home.  We pride ourselves on being a friendly, family business that will offer you a personal experience beyond your expectations.

Our Price Guarantee

At Michael Case Homes, we guarantee that all of our new homes, represent exceptional value for money.  We are often asked how we stay so competitively priced with such a high standard of quality and finish.  

  • We standardise our high end inclusions giving us excellent buying power.  Our clients get so much added value in their homes.
  • Our home designs deliver clever use of space.
  • We use advanced methods and systems to improve efficiency which reduces wasted materials and time.
  • We have a small highly efficient team and low overhead costs.
  • All of this allows us to pass on such incredible savings to our clients.

Warranties & Guarantees

We have extensively researched every building material and product that goes into our homes, to ensure only those with impeccable quality and backed by long individual warranties are used, to ensure our clients have total peace of mind that their home will stand the test of time.