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Building Vs Buying Established

Building Vs Buying Established

Why do some people buy and some people build?  


Some people buy because they don't want to wait for their home to be built.  What they don't take into consideration though, is that it is very unlikely that they will quickly find the perfect home, in the area they want and within their budget.  It can sometimes take months of open homes, weekend after weekend trying to find a property that ticks all the boxes.  

Eventually they just end up settling for something that isn't even what they want after many months of searching.  They could have spent this time watching their ideal new home being built and be in their dream home by then!

Our new homes generally take 9 months to build and this goes very fast!  Especially when you have the excitement of seeing your perfect home take shape.  


Some people choose to buy because they are able to get closer to the city.  Although this may be desirable, there are also many advantages to being in a new estate.  New estates are master planned and are almost a mini city of their own.  Schools, shops, cafe's parks, leisure and aquatic centres, bike trails, fitness centres and childcare facilities are in many of Townsville's premier new estates, so everything you need is right there in your own community.  

Another advantage of building in a new estate is that your investment is surrounded by other new homes.  If you find a lovely home to buy in an older suburb, it can be close to lower quality homes and this can affect the value of your investment in the future.  We build all over Townsville, including in all major estates and can help you find a homesite that suits your lifestyle and family.  


It is sometimes thought that established homes are more affordable than new homes.  This is often not the case and many people are surprised at just how affordable building a brand new home is.  As well as this, old homes require a lot of maintenance and often have problems that you won't know about when you purchase.  They may also need some renovation work and this can become very costly very fast. 

Our new homes come with a 12 month maintenance period as well as numerous individual warranties for everything within the home, so you won't have to outlay any more money for many years.  Once you take this into consideration, the price gap between an old existing home and a new customised home really shrinks.  

It's exciting!

Our clients often describe building their new home as one of the most exciting things they have ever done.  One said that it is like getting a brand new car times 1,000!  That's why people often get the building bug and build many times with us as their families needs change.  To see your dream home come to life in front of you, with all the colours and finishes you have selected is an incredible experience.

It's 100% you

Our sales consultants take the time to understand every one of our client's individual needs.  We help you find a home design that suits you and your lifestyle, that is personalised with colours, fittings and finishes that represent your personal style and that fits your budget, which is so important.  Everything is personalised perfectly to fit you and the home becomes extremely special and sentimental.