Your teams passion and ability to work with our vision has made us very happy owners.

Last year Leanne and I had spent several months searching for someone special to build our home. One after noon we happened to stop by your display home in Greater Ascot, more just to poke our nose in. We left that initial meeting almost convinced of who we wanted to build our home.

We were met by Siobhan who instantly won us over with her enthusiasm and passion. Siobhan captured the spirit of what we wanted and how special this project was to us. Siobhan’s efforts are not to be dismissed; she worked tirelessly in the early phases of planning. Her advice and guidance was appreciated as she dealt with a couple who placed their dreams in her hands to kick things off. Siobhan gave us great assistance in choosing colours, fittings, tiles all the while listening to what we wanted. I think we worked well as team and we appreciate her time and effort.

Youngy, what can be said. The unsung hero, who took a hand drawn plan, combined with a board of reflections and our vision and turned it into our home. It was refreshing to be able to deal directly with the man entrusted with designing the superb house that we now call home. Youngy’s efforts are to be congratulated, he did have to deal with people who were very fixed in what they wanted and how they wanted it. He has succeeded, thank you.

Michael your building manager Nathan did great things. He worked with our vision and whipped his crew of contractors to take the raw materials and turn them into our “IONA”. Nathan had to contend with a constant bombardment of emails and phone calls, “please look at this”, “please fix this”, “what about that”. It is a wonder that he got it built. Outstanding, thanks for his patience, his time and his efforts.

Your team is to be congratulated from the ground up. “IONA” was and is something so very special for Leanne and I.  Michael Case homes has delivered. Your team’s passion and ability to work with our vision has made us very happy home owners. We are proud to be living in a Case Home.

On behalf of Leanne, Toni, Jayme and Zack, with my parents looking down on us, thank you.