Every single house plan in the 'really likes'pile was by Michael Case Homes

We are settling very happily into our House of Blessings, celebrating our wedding anniversary on our beautiful veranda. We have been impressed with how quickly the house was built and the attention to detail. At all times we felt not only as if we were being listened to, but that we were actually heard (and there is a difference!)

We looked at over 30 house plans when we were deciding to build. Our process was to make two lists, the ‘likes' and ‘dislikes'. Then we looked more closely at the 'likes' and halved them again into the 'likes' and ‘really likes'. Every single house plan in the ‘really likes' pile was built by Michael Case Homes, so the choice was easy.

From there on in, it just got easier. Choosing colours, tiles and finishes was hassle-free and fun, thanks to Siobhan. We appreciated the easy-going atmosphere, combined with the solid, trustworthy business foundation of Michael Case Homes. We are excited to tell our friends to try Michael Case Homes first if they are thinking about building their dream home.

Yours sincerely,

John and Suzy Kendall